Six Surprising Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Texas Oil Boom


The energy revolution in the United States is transforming communities across the country, but the effect is felt nowhere more acutely than in Texas. No stranger to the oil business, Texans have seen boom times before as well as the busts that tend to follow close behind. Still, even with the accumulated experience of generations reliant on the local oil industry, Texans are in uncharted territory today.

In its November 2013 issue, Texas Monthly devoted a series of articles by Bryan Mealer, Katy Vine, and Loren Steffy to exploring the myriad ways the oil boom is affecting the state. TIME picked out some of the most fascinating tidbits from this remarkable package.

1.     By 2014, the state of Texas is expected to jump ahead such oil-producing heavyweights as Venezuela, Mexico, Kuwait and Iraq to become the ninth-largest oil producer in the world. According to one study, the industry has…

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