Emir Hancioglu was born in Afyon as the last member of his family. He attended Zafer College for primary and high school. He studied Business Administration at Bilkent University and he graduated in 2013. Recently, he has been studying MBA at Coventry University London Campus.


During his education, he tried to improve himself by joining different clubs and societies. He was chosen as a member of theatre club, when he was in high school. As a club, they have attended a competition among other high schools` theater clubs and their club took second place in this competition.

During his college education, Emir was an active member of Management and Economics Community (MEC). He was co-president of MEC Business Seminar (MBS) that is a branch of the community that organizes a 3 day workshop in İstanbul. In this organization, 200 students from different universities all over Turkey and speakers who are the leaders of their sectors come together. There are case studies that are conducted by major global and local firms in Turkey, group warming games and many other social events. He was one of the 2 presidents of this organisation team.

MBS 2011

Moreover, Emir was elected as the representative of department of Business Administration and also he was elected as a vice chair of student council at Bilkent University in 2011 (Bilnews, 2011). During his representation, he organized social activities for BA students, organized chat sessions between students and faculty dean and he tried to find solutions to students’ common problems.

Emir also was member of Civic Involvement Projects at Bilkent University. He participated in “Hearts 1 – Leukaemia 0” project. In this project he applied motivational therapy to children with leukemia and their families at Ankara University Cebeci Research Hospital in Oncology department.


Emir was a member of Young Entrepreneurs Assembly directed by Ankara Chamber of Commerce. During his membership, he attended lots of conferences about entrepreneurship. He also received an education focusing on Foreign Trade, to which participating students were chosen through elections.

Nowadays Emir has been studying MBA at Coventry University London Campus. Besides this, he is responsible from social media accounts and website belonging to his family business.



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