Top 15 Oilpro Videos Of 2014

1. Huge Explosion At Saudi Aramco Refinery

The news of the explosion of an oil pipeline belonging to Saudi Aramco near Sudair caused an immediate $2 spike in WTI crude oil prices as traders knee-jerk reacted to the news.

2. $10 Crude? Wall Street Pundit Claims “Crude Oil The New Whale Oil”

On CNBC, Dennis Gartman stated that crude oil is set to go “the way of whale oil,” which went obsolete when crude came on the scene in the early-20th century.

3. Watch This Huge Wave Hit North Sea Rig

Here is a short video that shows the dangers of working offshore in unpredictable, and often violent, weather. These huge waves hit the Dunbar in the North Sea.

4. Seeing Is Believing: Fracing Process From Start To Finish

Marathon Oil produced this video detailing the fracing process from start to finish.

5. Deepwater Drilling In Under 8 Minutes

This video on deepwater drilling is short, to the point, and comprehensive.

6. Oceaneering ROV Records Sea Monster In Deepwater

Oceaneering ROV cameras appear to have recorded a massive sea creature moving around riser in deepwater. The video looks to have been recorded in 2012, but the clip below was posted on Youtube about one week ago. Hoax or real?

7. Hear HAL CEO Talk Deal, Jobs & Oil Prices In 1st TV Interview Since Baker Purchase

Halliburton CEO Dave Lesar was interviewed by CNBC’s Squawk on the Street crew – one of his first public speaking engagements since the deal between Halliburton and Baker Hughes became official.

8. It’s Hurricane Season: Watch This Oil Rig In A Tropical Storm

This is a video from an offshore rig in the Gulf of Mexico during Tropical Storm Hanna (which later became Hurricane Hanna) in 2008. Hurricane season poses many risks for offshore workers who bravely weather the storms year after year.

9. Meet The New BOSS- Tour The Latest Pad Drilling Rig

Unit Drilling Company has a new, high-tech rig known as the BOSS. The new drilling gear is known as a BOSS rig, which is short for a box-on-box self-stacking rig.

10. How Low Can You Go? Oil Well Downhole Camera

A very interesting video, detailing what drillers can see, identify and diagnose using a downhole camera.

11. Watching A Dreamliner Fly Like A Stunt Plane Sparks A Look At Airline Oil Usage

The rare sight of a Dreamliner behaving like a stunt plane got me thinking about the fact that the airline industry is one of the biggest consumers of the product our industry creates and made me wonder exactly how much of our product is used to power the aviation industry.

12. Understand The Ukraine Crisis In 5 Minutes

This short video is very helpful in understanding the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Although released prior to the mobilization of Putin’s Russian military in the Crimea, it’s very helpful in giving a historical context to the current conflict.

13. When Anchovies Are Mistaken For Oil Slicks

Have you ever seen a desert mirage? Well take a look at this video of what one person thought was a massive oil slick near Scripps Pier off La Jolla, California (in San Diego county).

14. This State Has More Oil Than Saudi Arabia, & Other Facts You Might Not Know

This Inno-Versity Inno-Mation was adapted from Stephen Moore’s talk on America’s Energy Boom: How It Will Save U.S. Manufacturing and Recharge The U.S. Economy. Some unknown or forgotten fascinating facts about the US energy renaissance here.

15. Crane Operator Prevents OSV From Capsizing

In this video, an OSV offshore Brazil is heavily listing to its port side and almost capsizes. An offshore crane operator may have saved the day by acting quickly to pick off some of the shifting cargo.

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